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Ove Larsson (Ove Långe) took this picture in the morning of May 9, 2004, at Ale Vikingatid, a Viking settlement in the Ale Municipality.

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Here, on this homepage, I collect some of the links I am in the habit of visiting 'out there'. Of course, this site is always being developed as new links are discovered, and further and further into Cyberspace and the human mind, deeper and deeper, these sources of knowledge are discovered and explored.

As long as the day is shining
Step out to meet the sun
There is gold to collect out there
As long as the day is shining

As long as the night is shimmering
Get out to meet the darkness
There are things to fetch in there
Deepest down in the well of night

As long as the wind is blowing
Head out to meet the storm
There are dreams to gather in the fields
As long as the wind is blowing

As long as the rain is falling
Walk away into the veils of rain
There is warmth to get in there
Deep inside the veils of rain.

Kenneth Eriksson, from Lifebook 11

Me under my oak in August 2003. Photo: Inger Ericson

This page was last updated February 27, 2024. It is a credit to Sweden that the interpretation of new law on personal information has been modfied slightly, thus a little, but still, advancing our constitutional freedom of speech.

Kenneth Eriksson



Kopparås: Trollskogen. Picture taken by Kenneth Eriksson.